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multi-speed joystick safety remote  controls - Safety-rated remote controls - Up to 6 speeds on joysticks (5 on MJ) - Additional toggles, buttons, etc. available - Data feedback available on the MJ model
hand-held safety remote controls - Safety-rated remote controls - Hand-held remote models from 4 buttons to 12 - Additional toggles, buttons, etc. available - Data feedback available on the MK10 model
rotary limit switches - Windmill type cross-arm limit switches for crane positioning - Worm-drive limit switches for winch drum limiting in various gear ratios
control pendants - single-column and side-by-side versions - from 4 to 14 holes - Complete range of rotary switches, keyswitches, and lamps - Standard engraved buttons for crane/machine applications, or custom panels to order
Accessories To complement the other items in this range, we stock limit switches in  plastic and metal housings, horns, special cable glands for flat cable, isolators, and STOP stations.
Tower cranes of all types and sizes can be fitted with radio remote control systems. While some overhead travelling cranes are fitted with load cells, this is generally required on tower cranes, as is the requirement to display the load on the control station- especially for cranes of more than 50 metre-tonne capacity .  For that reason, the most common remote controls used on tower cranes are the  MK10  and the MJ series - both of which have the option for data feedback.  A module is fitted into the crane that accepts a data string from the load-cell system in either RS232 or RS485. We can program this to suit most load-cell data formats. Our pendant controllers proved a back-up solution, or a low-cost alternative to radio control, with the PLB series being the most widely used on tower cranes. When fitting radio controls on cranes, AS1418.1-2002 clause requires that limit switches be fitted to the travel motions. There is no solution simpler, more reliable, or easier to install than our FCR006 rotary limit switch which provides slow-down and stop switches for both direction using a single switch that does not require adjustment. When building or overhauling cranes, our FGR rotary limit switches are commonly used as a simple and robust solution for setting hoist drum limits. Available in a range of gear-reductions to suit a wide variety of applications. In the control cabinet we have an excellent range of electro-mechanical horns that are typically panel-mounted, and provide a distinctive, easily- heard sound on building sites. Specialised flat cable glands, and limit switches round out the range.