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safety remote controls For the control of potentially hazardous machines. Remote controls with safety performance up to SIL3/PLe A full range of hand-held, joystick (single and multi-step),  and full proportional controllers.
control pendants and switches A full range of crane pendants from 2 to 14 functions, as well as foot switches, and limit switches for crane and machine applications. Includes a range of rotary limit switches for the slow-down and stop of cranes, and worm-drive limit switches with various gear ratios. Other accessories include STOP stations, flat-cable glands, horns and isolators.
cabled controllers Waist-style controllers for cabled connection to machines. Includes systems with both ON-OFF and fully proportional joysticks, and both PWM and voltage outputs for direct connection to hydraulic valves and control systems.
general purpose remote controls Push-button remote controls for non-safety-critical applications. Includes simple single-channel systems with 2 and 4 buttons, through to  8 button systems with automatic frequency management.
concrete mixer control systems - Intellimix Complete control systems for concrete transport vehicles with a range of innovative features. Supports both in-cab control from a keypad/screen and safety remote control.
programmable control systems Ruggedised control systems for off-road vehicles and hydraulic machines. Designed for arduous conditions, and with safety ratings to SIL3. The range includes CANOpen controllers, I/O nodes, and integrated graphic-screen / controllers.