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Rotary limit switches

Typically used on cranes and other travelling machines to provide slow-down and stop limit switching in one or both directions. The series includes a variety of models with different switching characteristics. -  Double-insulated enclosure in self-extinguishing material -  Protected to IP65, terminals IP20 -  Operating Temperature -25oC to +70oC  - Cable entry: 1 x 22.5mm -  Mechanical life: 1 million operations -  Thermal rating 16A -  Maximum operating voltage 600V -  Insulation category C -  Double-gap positive-break contacts with slow action
FCR-006 The FCR-006 is widely used in the crane industry to end-stops for long travel and cross-travel on 2-speed cranes. As the crane nears the end of the run, it hits one striker that drops it into slow speed, then hits a second that stops all travel in that direction. Simple to install and wire, the FCR-006 is a very economical solution. The installer can replace 4 traditional limit switches, and dramatically reducing fitting time and cost. Installation in simple, with a single switch, and up to four strikers. The long arm length means that alignment is fast and easy.