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Intercontrol Programmable Controllers - a range of controllers for off-road vehicles and hydraulic machines - rugged IP66k designs with extreme temperature ratings - Shock/vibration proof aluminium enclosures with  Goretex breathing filters - 8-32Vdc with high EMC protection - Includes Cat 3/ Pld safety controllers - CANOpen / CAN/ J1939 / RS232 - Programmable in CODESys (ladder, function-block, structured text, etc)
Intercontrol CANOpen Nodes - CANOpen nodes in rugged enclosures for external mounting - Open frame nodes for installation under-dash or in electrical cabinets - Digital / Analogue / PWM inputs / outputs available
CANOpen enabled Operator Control - CAN-enabled Operator interface for console use - 5 x function keys - Rotary encoder with pushburtton function - Dimmable illumination - Optional joystick function
Inclinometers - 1 and 2 axis inclinometers - Analogue or CAN interfaces
HMIs with Integrated CANopen Master and  Controller - Integrated fully-programmable CANOpen Master - Colour TFT graphic displays in 4.3” and 7” sizes - Optional touchscreen, USB, Ethernet, camera / video - Optional Manual keypad, rotary encoder - Powerful CODESys 3.5 running on Linux O/S - Electrically and mechanically rugged - Just add CANOpen nodes for a complete control system
Increasingly, mobile machine designers are leveraging the power of programmable control systems in order to increase functionality and safety, and decrease build times. The ideal partner for our Autec safety remote control systems, all of our programmable controllers communicate in CANOpen, and are specially designed for mobile use.  Rugged enclosures and extreme resistance to temperatures, vibration, and environmental factors allow them to be confidently used in conditions where other PLCs would not survive. At IndustryIQ, our engineers are expert in CANOpen and in integrating systems using our radio controls, and programmable controllers. To discuss your application, and the best way to solve your design problems, contact us.
Fusion-S Safety Controller The new Intercontrol Fusion-S is a 32-bit safety controller which can be used in safety-relevant control to PLd / Category-3. The Fusion-S appears to the designer as 2 separate PLCs - one safety PLC (which runs the safety program and controls the I/O ) and one Standard PLC. Dividing the tasks in this way means that the safety-relevant program can be segmented from the user program - this drastically simplifies the ability to make changes to the system wthout the verification and documentation burden associated with altering the safety program. Programmable in CodeSYS 3.5 SIL2, only one safety program need be written. The redundant architecture and lock-step CPUs handle the safety-managment transparently, with no design effort. -  Modular design from 48-240 I/O in a single enclosure -  Ethernet/ USB interfaces -  4  CANBus (CANOpen, J1939, CANOpen Safety available) -  8-32V power supply - -40OC to +80OC operating temperature -  IP6K7 / IP6K6K