safety remote controls
We are an electrical engineering company specialising in control systems for moving machines, serving customers throughout Australia & New Zealand.
for the control of cranes, concrete pumps, work platforms and other hazardous machines
programmable control systems
rugged PLCs for off-road vehicles with a wide range of capabilities and CANOpen.
control pendants
custom-built pendant controlls for the control of cranes and other machines.
Telephone: 07 3889 9329 Unit 81 / 109 Leitchs Rd BRENDALE QLD 4500
rotary limit switches
rotary windmill / crucifix  switches and geared worm-drive limit switches for drum and position control on cranes and travelling machines.
foot switches
single and dual foot switches with multipl contacts and safety toggle to prevent inadvertent operation. Covered and un-covered versions.
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