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KTC General - Safety category for the STOP function: Cat 3 Transmitter - 20 Commands + Start + Stop + Safety - 9-30VAC/DC - 160 x 110 x 75mm - IP20 DIN-rail (top-hat) mounting Receiver - 14 Commands + Start + Stop + Safety on standard receiver - 6 additional outputs on expansion module - 10-30VAC/DC - 160 (*note) x 110 x 75mm  (note  +72 with expansion module) - IP20 DIN-rail (top-hat) mounting
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Often system designers need the ability to communicate STOP and other control commands wirelessly from a machine to a control station, or machine to machine. Standard telemetry systems are unsuitable for the task because they lack the redundancy, self-monitoring, and fail-to-safe design required. The KTC system provides for the transmission of up to 20 commands + Category-3 STOP from one location to another. Conveniently DIN-rail mounting, the system easily integrates with PLCs or conventional control panels.