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FJR- Dynamic series - Up to 3 x 2-axis proportional joysticks or - Up to 6 x 1-axis proportional paddles - Many toggle switch / push button options - Data feedback versions available
FJM - Dynamic series - Up to 4 x 2-axis proportional joysticks or - Up to 8 x 1-axis proportional paddles - Many toggle switch / push button options - Data feedback versions available
Programmable control systems - Complete CAN/CANOpen control systems - Controllers, nodes, screens and operator interfaces - Engineering / programming to your requirements
IndustryIQ are leaders in Australian industry for control systems for elevating work platforms (EWP). We work with many designers, OEMs, service agents, and users of EWPs to provide complete control solutions. Safety radio remote controls provide a simple, economical solution for the control of the functions of an EWP.  Being modular in nature, the systems are easily installed or retro-fitted, and simple to service. Being wireless, electrical isolation is inherent, greatly simplifying the design for machines with high isolation requirements.  On the other hand, non-isolated EWPs can use our cable-control option to implement an in-place control panel solution that doesn’t require batteries, with the full safety benefits of the Dynamic series. The Autec Dynamic series offers safety levels up to PLe / CAT4/ SIL3 for the STOP function , and can protect the machine against unexpected motion to PLd/Cat 3/ SIL2. Available with  a large variety of single-axis proportional paddles, dual-axis proportional joysticks, switches, and buttons, we can design and build a solution for your needs here in Australia. Most commonly used on EWPs are the FJR and FJM remotes. Stand-alone systems would generally use the ARM receiver, while some OEMs may choose to use the CANOpen receiver type CRS.  Hybrid systems - using both direct control by the receiver, as well as CANOpen communication with a programmable controller are also common design choices. Our Basket-Observer solution uses a purpose-built receiver to allow two operators control from two different transmitters in a prioritised system. Normally, the operator in the Basket has control of the machine, but a Ground Observer can STOP the machine at any time, and also assume full control in an emergency. This highly-integrated approach makes a drop-in solution perfect for OEMs.  A full description of the Supervised-Operator System is available here. All of these solutions use the Frequency-Hopping Spread-Spectrum (FHSS) 915MHz radio system on which the Dynamic architecture is built. This radio system is extremely robust, reliable, and interference resistant. It allows a large number of systems to operate in the same area at the same time, and the frequency-management is completely automatic, with no operator action required at all. The Intercontrol Fusion-S safety controller is the perfect partner to an Autec safety controller. Rated to Pld, this innovative controller can implement all of the safety-functions of the EWP, and run a separate, easily-customised program for the other machine controls. Our engineers have wide experience on many types and designs of EWP. Whatever your control needs, we are sure to have a solution. Give use a call to discuss your requirements.