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FJL - Dynamic series - Up to 6 single-axis proportional paddles - Up to 6 additional toggle switches - Data feedback versions available
FJR- Dynamic series - Up to 3 x 2-axis proportional joysticks or - Up to 6 x 1-axis proportional paddles - Many toggle switch / push button options - Data feedback versions available
FJM - Dynamic series - Up to 4 x 2-axis proportional joysticks or - Up to 8 x 1-axis proportional paddles - Many toggle switch / push button options - Data feedback versions available
Programmable control systems - Complete CAN/CANOpen control systems - Controllers, nodes, screens and operator interfaces - Engineering / programming to your requirements
Hydraulic Loader Cranes Hydraulic loader cranes are widely used on trucks and typically require a remote control with between 4 and 6 proportional levers.  The FJL remote control is specially designed for this task, and is very compact while being rugged and reliable. Radio control is strangely under-utilised in Australian truck cranes compared to Europe, and it is common to see operators performing cumbersome- even dangerous - operations with the manual control levers.  Adding a radio control allows the operator to stand in the place with the best view, and the best safety - not with his back to the load, or in traffic. One of the  barriers to retrofitting radio controls to a truck crane is the cost of the proportional valve bank. But we now offer a complete retrofit kit that adds a  low-pressure proportional control system on top of the existing crane without replacing the valve bank. This solution offers excellent and responsive control, at a great price. Contact us for details. Container side-loaders Container side-loaders are an application similar to loader cranes, but typically comprise two cranes, each with two stages, as well as two or more stabilisers Proportional control is often not required, although 2-speed control is sometimes implemented. These requirements are well suited to the LK range, which can be used to implement cost-effective control. More advanced systems, or those with proportional control may make use of the FJL or FJR systems. Crane Borers Machines for installing, removing, and servicing telegraph poles can make use of the advanced features of the Dynamic series. Complex controls can be implemented in the FJR controller. The system can interface using serial data to the load-system on the machine to display data and warnings, or communicate over CANOpen to a PLC.  Our Fusion-S safety controller is a PLd controller that can communicate with the radio control, and implement the safety-relevant and other control functions of the machine. Expert Advice Our Technical Support team consists of Electrical Engineers with broad experience in hydraulic control systems, and are ready to discuss your requirements.
LK Series - 4, 6, 8 buttons for line pumps - Optional Toggle switch (typically for pump/off/suction) - 2 x Replaceable batteries + Charger - Up to 12 hours operation per charge - IP65 Transmitter & Receiver - Rugged fibre-reinforced nylon cases - Safety category for the STOP function: PL d (Cat 3)