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control pendants & switches


To complement the other items in this range, we stock limit switches in  plastic and metal housings, sounders/horns, special cable glands for flat cable, isolators, and STOP stations.

Control Pendants

Our control pendants are primarily used on cranes and hoists, but also on any machine with simple control requirements where the operator station needs to be semi-portable. Other common applications are for tail- lifts on trucks, small hydraulic machines, and all types of workshop machinery. For crane and hoist applications, we keep common configurations in stock at excellent prices. We also custom-design and assemble pendant with labelling to your specifications, and keep high stocks for immediate delivery. - A range of linear pendants from 2 to 12 holes - A range of side-by-side pendants from 4 to 14 holes - Pushbuttons in both 1-speed and 2-speed,available - Removable mechanical interlocks between adjacent buttons - Complete range of rotary switches, keyswitches, and lamps - Standard engraved buttons for crane/machine applications, or custom panels to order

Rotary limit switches

Typically used on cranes, hoists, shiploaders,  and other travelling machines to provide slow-down and stop limit switching in both directions. Replaces 4 conventional limit switches in a single switch, greatly reducing cost and installation time. These rugged switches are extremely popular for long-travel and cross-travel limits on cranes. They can also be used for zone-control (go/no-go areas) for cranes, shiploaders, and other traveling machines.

Worm-drive rotary limit switches

Commonly used on the drums of wire rope hoists, there are countless other applications. The multi-turn input shaft drives a series of 4 adjustable cams through a reduction gearbox. Various reduction ratios available, as well as a range of couplings, and models with secondary output shafts. Often a simple and reliable alternative to shaft-encoders and counters when up to four switch points are needed, and simple adjustment is an asset.


A range of single and dual industrial foot-switches in rugged insulated enclosures. Most models feature protective hoods, but an open version is also available, as well as a dual-pedal model with and without emergency-stop. Rugged, versatile, and well priced, these foot switches are available for immediate delivery.