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Worm-drive rotary limit switches

Commonly used on the drums of wire rope hoists, there are countless other applications. The multi-turn input shaft drives a series of adjustable cams through a reduction gearbox. Various reduction ratios available, as well as a range of couplings, and models with secondary output shafts. -  Diecast main body with self-extinguishing thermoplastic cover -  Protected to IP65 -  Operating Temperature -25oC to +70oC  - Cable entry: 2 x M20 -  Thermal rating 8A -  Snap acting positive break NC contact -  Maximum operating voltage 250V The switches contain 4 independently adjustable cams (typically used for slow-down and stop in 2 directions). To adjust, the lock screw is loosened, then the cam is adjusted by turning a screw.


- 12:1 gearbox ratio


- 33:1 gearbox ratio


- 50:1 gearbox ratio


- 100:1 gearbox ratio


- 200:1 gearbox ratio
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