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Comprise: Transmitter Carrying Strap Receiver with rapid wiring kit 2 x Batteries Charger (specify 10-30Vdc or 110/240Vac) Aerial (internal/external/extension as specified Manuals & Drawings
24/48/55/110/230Vac IP65 -20OC to +70OC operating 202 x 381 x 91 mm Internal/External aerial
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- Up to 3 x 2-axis joysticks, each up to 6 speed - Up to 4 x 2-axis 1-speed joysticks - Joysticks can be gated for non-diagonal operation - Many additional controls possible - 8 factory programmable relays in receiver (including interlocks and timers) - pushbuttons, toggle switches, rotary switches available - 2 x Replaceable batteries + Charger - Up to 25 hours operation per charge - IP65 Transmitter & Receiver - Rugged fibre-reinforced nylon cases - Safety category for the STOP function: PL d (Cat 3) - Safety category for the protection of UMFS : PL c (Cat 3)