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MJ Series - Up to 3 x 2-axis joysticks - 1 speed per direction - Joystick neutral safety feature - Gated joysticks available (no diagonal activation) - Toggle switches, push buttons, etc. - 2 x Replaceable batteries + Charger - Up to 15 hours operation per charge - IP65 Transmitter & Receiver - Rugged fibre-reinforced nylon cases - Safety category for the STOP function: PL d (Cat 3) - Safety category for the protection of UMFS : PL c (Cat 3)
perfect for 3-4-5 stage concrete pumps download brochure
Single-speed joystick remote controls are most often used in mobile applications. A common application is concrete pumps, where there are non- proportional hydraulic valves fitted (also commonly called bang-bang, black-and-white, or on-off types). These remotes can be fitted with up to 3 x 2-axis joysticks, as well as a range of toggle switches, and push-buttons. Custom designs and labelling are readily available, and we can quickly and economically build the solution you need.