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Master-Slave systems (Tandem Control) Master-Slave systems comprise 2 sets of remote controls, where the 2 machines are normally used independently. But when required, one transmitter (the Master) can take control of both machines and control them together. The most common application is in overhead travelling cranes, where the two cranes can be used individually, but driven together when lifting a long or heavy load. The handover of control from one transmitter to the other is safely managed with a Take/Release system that requires the agreement of both operators. Available in the LK, MK, MJ, and AIR series.
Multi-Receiver Systems Multiple receiver systems allow one transmitter to control equipment in 2 or more locations, each of which is fitted with an individual receiver. Available in the LK, MK, MJ, SIRIO-42. KTC, and AIR series.
Pitch & Catch Tandem Systems Pitch & Catch systems allow 2 operators to control a single machine, and pass control backwards and forwards in a safe manner. A Take/Release methodology is used that requires the agreement of both operators, and only one operator is ever in control at one time. Available in the LK, MK, MJ,  and AIR series.
Spare Transmitters Spare transmitters are available for all Autec remote controllers. In all cases, the transmitter and receiver pairs are assigned unique codes, with the exact methodology varying between series. Putting a spare transmitter into service is a relatively simple task, but one which is done safely - managing the serious safety risk that would be posed by having two simultaneously operating transmitters. Available for all series.  White papers that discuss how to replace a transmitter are available for the LK, MK, MJ, Dynamic (FJL / FJS / FJR / FJM). and AIR series Pair1.0 and Pair 2.0 procedures.