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Comprise: Transmitter with carry strap Receiver with matching plug/socket 2 x batteries Charger (specify 10-30Vdc or 110/240Vac) Aerial (internal/external/extension as specified) Manuals & Drawings
FJL Transmitter
TYPE ARM - Analogue + CANOpen 8-30 VDC IP65 -20OC to +70OC operating 202 x 230 x 96 mm Expandable to 64 Digital, 12 Analogue (Either PWM or Voltage/Ratiometric) Inputs available (for logic and feedback) CAN / CANOpen + physical I/O
TYPE CRS  Compact CANOpen 8-30 VDC IP65 -20OC to +70OC operating 153 x 148 x 55 mm STOP and Dump-Valve physical outputs Other outputs over CAN / CANOpen + physical I/O
integrate into CAN networks
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Support & Downloads
- Ergonomic design specifically for 1-axis proportional paddles - IP65 transmitters and receivers - Rugged fibreglass-reinforced nylon housings - Frequency-hopping spread-spectrum radios for high reliability, interference resistant links - Completely automatic frequency management - Electronic smart-key for identity-coding simplifies set-to-work of spare transmitter - Fully electronic receivers with programmable logic capabilities - CAN/CANOpen in all receivers - Data feedback models available - via CAN or receiver inputs - STOP protected to PLe / Cat 4 / SIL 3 - Unexpected motion from standstill  protected to PLd / Cat 3 / SIL 2 - 11 hour run time on a single 4hr charge (9.5 hr for feedback versions) - Speeds teachable from the transmitter - Cable-control option (for when radio use is prohibited)
KSI Retrofit kit for Truck Loader Cranes
To retrofit a radio remote control onto a loader crane without an electro-hydraulic valve bank previously required replacement of the valve bank at considerable expense. The KSI kit allows the ability to electrically control the existing valve bank using a low- pressure hydraulic servo block that clamps onto the push rods running side-to-side on the machine. The result is a safe, responsive, and cost-effective solution for radio-controlling existing cranes. The pressure source for the system is either a low-pressure DC pump with integral tank, or a pressure-reducing block that sources oil from the main high-pressure system. The kit comprises: - An electro-hydraulic servo unit with 4-6 low- pressure actuators with adjustable rod clamps - Low pressure DC pump with integral oil tank OR Counter-Pressure Reducing Block - Oil Filter - Optionally: valve cables, Remote/Local switch, cabling to remote control receiver
TYPE ARX  Compact Analogue + Optional CANOpen 8-30 VDC IP65 -20OC to +70OC operating 202 x 123 x 83 mm Dual-channel safety output selectable as either STOP or Dump-Valve 6 x bi-directional PWM,  8 x Voltage/Ratiometric outputs 12 x Digital outputs Expandable up to 28 digital outputs
4 x 1-axis paddles
Sample Configurations
6 x 1-axis paddles
4 x 1-axis paddles with Data Feedback screen
Locally designed and built to your specifications
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