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MJ joystick safety remote  controls - Safety-rated remote controls - Up to 3 x 2-axis joysticks - Up to 10 toggle switches - Additional toggles, buttons, etc. available
hand-held safety remote controls - Safety-rated remote controls - Hand-held remote models from 4 buttons to 12 - Additional toggles, buttons, etc. available
- rugged fibreglass nylon construction - keypad and seal are a single piece rubber membrane
Programmable control systems - Complete CAN/CANOpen control systems - Controllers, nodes, screens and operator interfaces - Engineering / programming to your requirements
Our radio remote control systems are widely used on pressure-cleaners, vacuum pumps, water-jet blasters, and similar machines. Their well-deserved reputation for ruggedness and reliability is often the reason they are the designer’s choice. But functional safety is often a consideration on these machines, where there is significant potential for injury, so the use of these safety-rated radio control systems has other benefits. For most applications, our AIR or LK series are suitable - for more complex machines, the MJ provides a great range of possible controls. - IP65 transmitters and receivers - Rugged fibreglass-reinforced nylon housings - CANOpen options available